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Offcial Framaroot APK Download


Framaroot APK Download? What is this? Before that let's start from scratch.

if you are an Android user you must have heard about Rooting the phone. If not, rooting is a process which is done to obtain privilege controls on the phone. And also rooting is performed to overcome the hardware and carrier limitations the manufacturer has inserted into the phone. And many of the users root their devices in order to test various apps. This rooting should be done with expert knowledge.

Rooting can be performed in two ways.

  1. Manual rooting with ADB drivers. Which needs expert knowledge
  2. Using Framaroot APK Download to root the device.

Root your Device with Framaroot APK Download

If you do not follow the right way when rooting your phone you will face so many problems. Such as black screen of death, phone hang errors etc. But using this frama root app you don't have to worry. This apk will avoid those complications.
Framaroot will enable you to root or unroot your Android device with just one click.
Unfortunately, this application is not available in the Google play store because rooting violates the guidelines. So you can download the apk file from this website to your device.

Features of Framaroot APK Download

  • Simple and easy user interface: so that prior knowledge is not mainly necessary to perform rooting
  • Supports both rooting and unrooting
  • Execute any kind of scripts: Can execute custom scripts. These can be exploits in the already existing OS
  • Can root or unroot with just one click: the rooting option is on the homepage
  • Root without your computer: You can give rooting command through the application
  • SuperSU installation is easy
  • Can secure the root or cancel the root



Version: Android 1.5 and higher
Recommended version: Android 4.4 and higher.

More details about this amazing Framaroot APK

  • Name: FramaRoot
  • Type: apk
  • License: free
  • Size: 1.25 MB
  • Latest Version:1.9.3

Process of installing and rooting from Framaroot APK?

Download Framaroot APK from the website to your Android device. Then double-click on the file and install it. If it does not get blocked go to the Setting and security then allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Then install it again.

Then open the installed frama root app and go to the homepage. Click on the 'Root' option. Then the application will automatically check the compatibility of the device to perform the root.

After the scan, the application will show one of these 2 options

  1. Exploit successful: Which means your rooting can be performed and no errors have been found.
  2. Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit – This means your device cannot be rooted due to some internal errors or security breaches.

if you get the message ‘Exploit Successful’, Clock 'OK' option to start rooting the device.

After the rooting process 3 options will be shown on the screen

  1. Execute Scripts
  2. Unroot
  3. Install SuperSU

Choose any of the above options according to your necessities.

Last but not least about Framaroot APK Download

Now you do not need prior knowledge and expertise to root your own Android phone. You just need to follow the necessary step and install the best rooting application for Android "Framaroot APK Download" from this website. And root your device with few simple steps. You can avoid the manual rooting limitations and complications. And compared to the manual rooting you can unroot your device if you don't need it back. You can get so many features and so many benefits by using this Framaroot APK. Don't forget to share this amazing new with your friends too.