Framaroot Apk 2018 – Device Rooting Application

The Framaroot application is one click rooting application allows you to root any android device instantly. There are several applications available in the market for rooting the device. Many of them require technical knowledge to run the application on your device. In case of Framaroot apk 2018, the app is developed by using simple to use interface. The application doesn’t require any technical knowledge to run. You can easily install the app and start using it. The Framaroot apk is a well-designed app that gives you immense power when it comes to rooting any device. The Framaroot application is developed by the XDA developer. The team has released the application as open source and made the application available for the general users. Anyone who is looking to root android device can download the application from the official website and start using it instantly.

Framaroot Apk 2018

Previous Versions

Initially, the application was released in the beta version, and then it is upgraded to the version 1. After that, it has been updated several times by fixing the known bugs. The compatibility issues with some new devices have been fixed in the latest version. Currently, the Version 1.9.3 is available for download.

What Are The Compatible Devices For Framaroot Apk 2018?

The Android 2.2 and above versions are supported by the Framaroot apk 2018 application. The older versions are not supported. If you try to install it on the older version, then you might face the error message while installing.

How To Use Framaroot Apk 2018?

Follow these step by step to root the device.

  1. Download the apk file from the official website of the Framaroot apk 2018.
  2. Once the application is successfully downloaded on your device, click on the apk file and start installing it. Follow the instruction prompted on the screen.
  3. After you install the app successfully go to the menu section. There you will find root tab. To initiate the device rooting process click on the root option. The software will start the rooting process. In few minutes your device will be rooted.
  4. Now you can install any apk file on your device and start using the third party application on your device.
  5. Always download the third party application from the secure website. There is much bogus application download website which may inject the virus on your device and make the things complicated. To avoid downloading the application on the unofficial websites.

System/ Hardware Requirements

The Framaroot apk 2018 doesn’t require high config; hardware to root the device. You just need to provide sufficient storage space and the required amount of memory power. It is recommended that you should run the application by closing all the background application. It will allow the application to get sufficient amount of the memory to run the software.

Troubleshoot / How To Solve The Problems (FAQs)

Q) The Framaroot application is not getting install on my Android device. How to solve this?

A) The most common problem for such issues is the antivirus software. Check if you have antivirus software on your device which might be blocking the third party application to get installed. Some devices come with a pre-installed antivirus software which will not allow the APK file to get installed on your device. You need to disable the antivirus software before installing the Framaroot apk 2018 file. In addition, check for the Android version on your device. The Android version 2.2 and below are now supported by the application. You will get the error message if the device is not compatible with the Framaroot.

About Developer

The XDA is the development team behind the application. The XDA released the application as freeware software. The users can download the application for free and start using it on their device.