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FramaRoot APK for Root Access

The Framaroot APK 2018 is the application specially developed for the Android mobile users to get the root access without needing any knowledge of the development. The application allows you to reach to you root file and install any third party application. The Framaroot apk latest version is the one click root apps available in the market. You can simply download the app and start using it instantly.


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What is Root Access and How it Works?

Root access enables you to install any third party application on your mobile phone. There are several mobile applications available in the markets which are not accepted by the Google play store authority for some reason. Google play store approves an application which qualifies their terms and conditions. You will find various mobile applications with the great features online. Because of some characteristics, the application gets rejected from the Google play store authority. In this situation, the application developers shared the Apk file of the application on their website and ask users to download the application directly from the official website.

The installation of the third party application is prohibited by the Android operating system. They only allow the installation of the apps that are listed on play store. To install the third-party application, you have to get the access to the root folder. It is similar to the access of your C drive on your computer where all the software files reside. Generally, the access to your root file is restricted. So by using the Framaroot application, you can open the root access without doing any changes to the mobile operating system. Once the root access is enabled on your mobile, you can then install any third party application and start using it.

Features of the Framaroot APK (Application):

1) Easy to Use UI:

framaroot apk

The Framaroot application developer has kept the interface easy to use for the users. The person who is installing such root application can immediately start using it without any help. You do not need any technical guide to learn the operation of the Framaroot apk. All the information in the app are reachable easily and get the access instantly. The user interface gives you comfortable viewing experience.

2) Execute Scripts:

framaroot apk

The application allows you to execute the custom scripts in the operating system without any trouble. You can simply exploit or tweak script in the existing OS.

3) One Click Root Access:

framaroot apk

The application gives you one-click root access. The application developer has made the functionality simple. It automatically roots the device and facilitates you to reach root folder without any problem. Once installed you just need to tap the application icon and get the root access immediately.

4) No Need to Use PC/Computer

framaroot apk

You do not need to use your computer to get the root access. Framaroot apk has all the features to access your device. The function will give you direct access to the root file.

5) SuperSU Installation:


The best thing about the Framaroot application is it installs the SuperSU by default after rooting of your device is completed. You can use "#su" command to get the root level permissions in your operating system. Simply open the Framaroot and perform the functions with the SuperSU.

6) Simply Root or Unroot Device:

framaroot apk

The Framaroot apk gives you the ability to root or unroot your device at a single click. Sometime the rooting device might create the screen problem, or your RAM will create some issues because of the new application. The features enable you to simply turn the application ON or OFF as per your need. If any issue occurs while rooting the phone, you can simply unroot it with the one click and avoid any damage to the device.

Benefits of Framaroot

  • - The Framaroot apk has made the rooting device easy. It is the fastest way to root any android device by using the app.

  • - Both the features Root and Unroot is useful to turn the device into the useful operating system. When you need to install any third party application on your mobile phone, you can simply root the phone for a while. After the application is installed, you can unroot it to its normal format. This will restrict any hacking or access your root without your permission.

  • - The SuperSU application comes handy with the Framaroot apk. You do not want to install it separately to run the application on your device.

  • - You can simply tab the status window and check whether the application has turned on the root access or not. It is easy to check the status of the rooting by using this application.

  • - The application also allows you to secure your mobile instantly by canceling the root access. If you find any application creating the problem with your device then you can simply turn off the root access and secure your device.

  • - Allows you to install any third party application directly to your phone. There are several good application which is known for their unique features. Those applications are not listed in the Google play store. You can now enjoy the features of these third party application on your mobile with the Framaroot app. Installation becomes easy when you get instant root access of your mobile.

  • - The third party application which you will not find in the Google play store can be installed on your mobile. You can visit the official website of the app and get it downloaded instantly.
  • - The uninstalling the application is also simple. When you do not want to use the Framaroot application, you can simply uninstall it the way you remove the normal android application. The Framaroot apk will not restrict you to uninstall.

What’s New in the Framaroot APK

Bug fixes: The developer of the application has fixed some small bug which was creating a problem in the earlier version. The new version is bug-free and gives you seamless power in operation.

Compatibility issues with Android 5.0 fixed: The latest version is now supported by the new Android 5.0. The Framaroot apk is upgraded to support the latest android version. It is now 100% compatible with the Android 5.0.

New phones support: Some of the new phones which launched recently are now supported by the Framaroot application. You can simply check your phone in the supported list and get the application downloaded on the phone.

Samsung root issues fixed: Samsung phone was having some sort of issues with the root access. Users were reported that the Samsung phone is not allowing the Framaroot to access the root folder. The issues have been rectified and fixed by the developer of the Framaroot apk. It is now supporting all the latest version of the Samsung phones.

framaroot apk

framaroot apk

How to Use the Framaroot APK (Step by Step Guide)?

The application developer has made the Framaroot simple to use. Once the framaroot apk download on your mobile device, you can start the application by clicking on the application icon.
Follow these steps to unroot your mobile device by using Framaroot application.

  1. Open the Framaroot application on your device.
  2. You will see the dropdown button in the menu. Click on the drop-down and then select the unroot.
  3. Tap on the exploit to start rooting your device.
  4. Now it will start rooting your device and open the root access.
  5. Once the process is completed, you are done with the rooting.

Now you can install any application without any constraint.
If you are still not sure whether the application has done his job rooting your device, then you can download Android root access checker application. The application will tell you whether your device is rooted or not.


Troubleshoot / How to solve the matter (FAQs):

Q 1) Does Framaroot root my device?

A: Yes. Please check the Android version of your device before installing the app. The Framaroot apk works on Android 1.5 and higher version. If your device is running on the latest Android operating system, then it will work fine.

Q 2) The application is failed to root my phone?

A: The Framaroot apk will not work only in the condition when the operating system in the device is not supported by the application. Check the exploit version of your device to check it is compatible or not. You can try other rooting application to root your mobile if the Framaroot is not supporting your device.

Q 3) Which phone brand Framaroot apk support?

A: You can root almost all types of phones. The Framaroot support Samsung, Google, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Honor, Moto, Asus and many other smart phones which are running on the Android operating systems.

Q 4) Will Framaroot harm my mobile phone?

A: No. The Framaroot is built by expert developer and design to give extraordinary features to the users. It doesn't contain any harmful software which will affect your mobile device. You can install the application without any hesitation.

Q 5) From where I can download the Framaroot application?

A: The Framaroot application is available for the download on the official website. You can search online and get it download Framaroot apk on your device.

Q 6) How to uninstall the application from my device?

A: The uninstallation of the device is very simple. You can simply go to the app setting option on your mobile device and click the application to uninstall it. The process of uninstallation is similar to the way you uninstall the ordinary android app.

In conclusion:

The Framaroot apk is a most useful application for enabling the root access of your device. Now you can enjoy the amazing features of the third party application on your phone. It gives the edge on operating the phone by adding new features that you generally not find in the normal device. You will have an exclusive application that your friends or family will never get to use. There are many third-party media application out there which will allow you to download free music, watch latest movies and get the premium games on your device without paying anything. Such open source applications are useful for viewing latest content on the phone. By using the rooted phone, you can now install the application in few step and start using it immediately.

Download FramaRoot


Previous versions:

The previous version of the Framaroot was 1.9.2. The development team have made many changes to the application and released latest version 1.9.3.

Supported devices / OS

The latest versions of the Framaroot support almost all types of android enabled devices. The application supports Gandalf, Boromir, Faramir, Baharir, Pippin, Gollum, Legolas, Aragorn, Sam, Frodo, Gimli, etc. exploits with the application.

System/hardware Requirements:

You must have Android 1.5 or higher version to install the Framaroot application on your device. The app doesn't support the old version of the android. If you are trying to install the old version, then it will not work. Check before installing to avoid any trouble.